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Happy B-day, Blizzy Boi!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY :birthday::tada::confetti_ball::balloon::gift: @BliZZard

Maybe now you can tell that Jeff Kaplan of yours to balance overwatch!


And @BliZZard T-series is gonna win!!!,


hapy birthday lizzard

@fishy say happy birthday to ur husband

i have vowed to make everyone in a ship suffer the same way i suffered when i was shipped





i am no longer suffring from that

but angel is
and thats good


Finally, someone remembers!


i still remember penguistry


Related news, a new lore to be added. This will be going down in history, bois


People are only supposed to get one topic about them. No one deserves two


Not him, dingus. Silangel


Happy Birthday @BliZZard! :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:


Happy birthday @BliZZard, may you maintain your love and care to your wife, @Fishy


What a coincidence… me too. :joy:


Happy birthday, Derek! Have some great time with @Fishy :]


LMAO!! Wow.


Deria (Derek (blizzard) and Sophia (Fishy) )
kill me


Summon @Serenity


happy birthday buddy! :star2::birthday:
missed the convos we used to have @BliZZard


Yea like bullying James >:)
Hm @james_j is not james bond


Eliminate the weeb aka James