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Hacker using aimbot


Please include some basic information so we may help assist you in the correct manner.

Incident: Hellw!! I just recorded player using aimbot

Username(s): TapLVNPUBG


I do want to post the link but here but I cant I don’t know why but ill just send this screenshot from the video.



Hello @MuHaNaD_KASSEM! Thank you for the report, I viewed the video and this player doesn’t look to be hacking in this clip, they look like they may be playing on Windows 10. If you have any more evidence please feel free to share it here.

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He were hacking. But I only recorded this video and I know that he was hacking, So please check it again.



Do you know what aimbot dose mean, because I don’t think so.



@MuHaNaD_KASSEM because of all the other players it’s difficult to tell who he is hitting, and while his head is moving kinda fast, it’s not as fast as the aimbot hackers I have seen, and I have seen win 10 players move like that. We have to be absolutely sure that the user is hacking before action is taken, we would hate to lock an innocent player. I will still forward this to the staff and they can decide.

Video: https://youtu.be/_nqlVYzRmU4

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Alright ill make sure to record his hack again.

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Here is the other video this user provided in another report. https://youtu.be/ysZxRVOzf4E