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Hello there old chums! My name is Neon, I’m 15 years old, I love dabbing that’s what I do most of the time, I ordinarily listen to some repose and rap’s music, I love memes but not a fan of unseemly memes, best friends? JullianPlays and CarlosFreddyxX. What server do I commonly play/or I’m on? You can find me on either sm1.lbsg.net or sm2.lbsg.net
I’m an In-Game trainee at the moment, why did I designated this position?

Because, I wanted to make this community a better and cool place, so everyone can enjoy their time on this astonishing server, also Lifeboat was the first server I played on and I found the server exceedingly astonishing.

What server do you play forbye Lifeboat?

Umm… Only Hypixel, I’m level 62 there

Who are your Ideal your music artist?

Eminem, BlackWay, Swae Lee, Bazanji and Aries.

Ideal move?

Spider-Man into the verse, Avengers Infinity wars, Spider-Man far from home and Avengers Endgame. (Yes, I’m a huge marvel fan)

Ideal Marvel characters?

Dr.Strange, Spider-Man and Iron-Man

Ideal YouTubers?

PewDiePie, RKY, Areumadlol, TapL, TechnoBlade, Spifey, Skeppy, Grandayy and so many.

What are your avocation?

No Idea…

Who’s your ideal mod?

RRRRRenG, Hazard DutchHD, AzzerGaming1103, PaulChen2D.

Who are your ideal Admins?

Brandon, David and Dan. (Sorry for not including Kaleb and Cyan they are cool but not my ideal :sweat_smile:)

So, yeah. That’s it, there’s nothing I can tell you guys more than this :sweat_smile:


i thought i was ur best friend but ok




You’re wrong.


No, who are you?


That’s in fact the correct spelling


I call him PaulChen2D or Paulio, don’t bully me, boi.


Ayyyyy! Skeppy, TechnoBlade! Spifey! TapL!


Can we be best friends


I wanna be his friend. Lol.


Ay, long time no see. (You might not remember me but that’s okie)


Wow you introduced yourself fully! And also what type of place u live at? My time is 11:39 pm and even in new york is 11:40 pm is there any nearest place that has same time as you?


that’s a dead trend sksksks

other than that we have a few similarities
we both like Eminem, Marvel, memes, Spider-Man (because who actually doesn’t like Spider-Man), PewDiePie and technoblade

so welcome to this place


Dabbingunikern would liie to see you.


waddup boi


I do remember you.


You hurt my feelings ;(


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