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Gotten in his Natural Habitat


That’s right…A diamond sword’s natural habitat is prison…


Why would you capture him? Should have melted him into more sword materials.


This particular diamond sword was very special, so we gave it a bit of special treatment…


This will not be tolerated


Funny how I haven’t been sent there.
And I’m the one accused of rule breaking. Lol.
I’m the evil that hunts evil.


busted :smiley:


I was busted even before you were on forums.
I was busted before some of the mods currently here were even mods.
I was busted before anyone currently here was here!
Except Killian, kaleb, UniqueKiller2. Lol.
GalacticStorm doesn’t count cause she gone.


@MasterBroPro1 Boy do you have a checkered past, lol


I was here since 2016. Lol. I didn’t really get busted. I just admitted and explained why I did it.


lol, i was just kidding bruh


Oh. Lol.


I came because I got reports of diamond sword abuse…and there really was diamond sword abuse…it started as soon as I joined


No, this is his natrual habitiat, thst is staring at me.

Not prison cause he stollen a prison!

Like seriously, this is his vision.

This is his vision @ForgottenDesert0


I’ll invite you to my torture world…
Let’s torture him and james and blizzard


I dont have real minecraft to invite you players and maybe i can. But i donr know


Blizzard toohuh? I don’t Fishy or xCattyy would like dat. Lol.


He needs to learn some lesson about sacrificing too much.


Who does??