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Good job lifeboat


So to whoever’s job it was to fix sm2’s toxicity good job you guys fixed it its basically normal now since everyone that was toxic quit since the new update ruined pvp so badly. “clap” “clap”


Also not just they did good job, the lag where when you break leaves does not have lag anymore :smiley: you can now break leaves and get apples peacefully so yes, good job lifeboat .


In the past weeks, a lot of things got stability improvements.


Great to hear we Improved! We’ll be coming out with more improvements in the future, so watch out for those too!


Is this an r/wooosh?


yes yes it is


This just shows what it feels like to play on lifeboat.


On a related note, has anyone got a clue on what’s up with SM2/SM1? Did people from 2 move to 1 or something?


That’s what I have been hearing.


yea since a lot of people on sm2 quit the rest moved to sm1