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Get rid of the ability to do this in CTF


There is this space on Davy Jones between the back of the two wool rooms on both sides where you are able to bridge behind and enter the other wool room. This is easily abused and is annoying for defenders. What I suggest is to get rid of it.

Why? Because, well, imagine this:
Imagine you’re the only actual GOOD defender on the server and the map is Davy Jones. You’ve got a good wall going in front of ONE of the wool rooms that’s hard to pass. Now what you do not notice is that there is a bridge connecting the other wool room and the one you are defending together. Suddenly, there is a player in that wool room. You suddenly realize “o wait there’s a big bridge” the player suddenly disappears into the other flag room, runs out, and wins the game before you can even stop him. Keep in mind everyone else is bad.

Not really fair is it? So get rid of that space and it sure you’re not able to place blocks behind the wool rooms. You should need to have skill to get flags, not just to be able to bridge between two rooms. Bridging behind those rooms aren’t really legit ways to get flags.




Whats this about ?


Look at the picture then you’ll find out what’s it about.


I completely agree w/ this, I have had this issue so many times.


Yea, I would definitely agree on it getting removed since flaggers will have an advantage over the defenders.