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Gaming Mouse


Gimme ideas for a good BUDGET gaming mouse. I need one. Preferably not one of those that have like 10 buttons on the side, 2-3 extra buttons wouldn’t be bad. (DPI preferably)

(If they have a lot of buttons but still budget, please explain all of those buttons first).


I would suggest looking on Amazon and reading customer reviews before making a decision!


Corsair (i think)


I love this on with a passion. PLUS it;s pretty cheap


Is it comfortable, good and all?


very. plus minimal click sounds, so you’ll stay sane


Good. The pricing is great!


i mean its not like Egyptian sheets, but its comfortable for the price


the side buttons can be programmed with autohotkey


Are the wires annoying? Or are the as smooth as wireless.




they have a wireless version, but ive never tried it. the wire is “kinda” short but it works great with my desktop and would be even better for a laptop


The colors and designs all look great. The silent features will keep me alive from my parents! You are my hero.


np, the colors change (breathe) so it is never one color


If you need a giant mousepad for a good price I would recommend the Razer Goliathus


Yeah! Thanks!


Possibly a little smaller one.




they have smaller sizes here


Nah i dont need it