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GAME: The story of the forums


After he changed his mind, he decided to play SG and got killed by a “noob” with over 6,000 deaths.


And he took the swords and made a deal with someone on the game that if he gives him his swords, he will give him one million minecoins.


And that someone was me, and I became a very rich minecrafter.


And I did too.


And I called Microsoft.


And I just got confused.


And said i wanna play too


But Microsoft said “this topic is dead, unfortunately”


And the forums agreed and closed the topic.


except that was a joke


the Topic died and never returned


Until 3294, that is




the year if cheese fight


and suddenly, DIO, the vampire who severed the head of Jonathan and stole his body, appears, bathing in the dusk, with his stand, The World. He proceeds to stop time for five seconds and drains the blood of an innocent bystander for fun.


And then he watched the big ban theory


and the world exploded.


And then NASA transferred humans to Mars.


Then Mars exploded


But somehow the moon was spared from the explosions and suddenly gained an atmosphere and water from both explosions. The astronauts were then transferred to there.