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GAME: The story of the forums


I have seen many games popping up recently, so I thought, why not make one myself?

Here’s how it goes…
Everyone here playing says a sentence, phrase, or word related to the last person’s post.
For example…
TheFancierZebra: One day in Minecraft…
DabbingUnikern: Steve
JeroxCopy: our great lord
apple_tree_888: went to the lifevoat server.

And etc.

Why don’t we start like that?

One day in Minecraft…


Azzer has been summoned


Then defeated by a diamond sword


Then he respawned


Then he got defeated by a diamond sword that was precisely stating that who gets killed by it cant log back into his account ever again


Then he respawned again and ran into the forest


Kebabnity has awoken


They lived happily ever after. The end.


But it wasn’t the end.


But the end in the end. (Making it as complicated as positive)


Still wasn’t the end


Welp, this topic died quickly lol.


But that didn’t last long


Because a MST2 came


And DabbingUnikern dabbed on the haters


And a kebab broke kim


And banned dabs for good


Then he also banned shipping this one ship known as “xJames”.


He had also banned “Kaparkles” and decided to fire Serenity.


Until he changed his mind, and made it so everyone had to ship xJames while being a volunteer while adding back Serenity.