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Furries, What are we?




Are we forgetting that hazard implied you’re a furry if you enjoy sonic. I regret to inform you guys I’ve beaten sonic 1 with the chaos emeralds, sonic 1 with tails and the chaos emeralds, sonic 1 with knuckles and the chaos emeralds, and sonic 1 with sonic 3 items enabled meaning I am big furry


More like African controlled America.


oy oy, that’s too far


Same thing for how you wanted hazard to get fired just for a very small reason.


you must be fun at party mate


nope whats too far is letting off all of mother russia’s nukes


For those of you that don’t fully understand… I am trying to be creative. This is Creative Corner, not hate on something that someone has an interest in corner. I’ve opened up about the community and I am not afraid t continue opening it up further, but the one thing that people need to understand is that what you see mainly on the media… isn’t true.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.


What isn’t true


hey my post is precious
you capitalists dont understand this anyway
my post is better than some worse ones no flag
so is jerox’s is precious
lol thats not even a real red gun its a soviet one lol


We don’t need pictures like those here.


‘freedom of speech’


If i were to pick a fursona, I would be…
thinks deeply
A siberian husky…

Dude, that fursona is overused
Oh ok.


there’s a freaking furry in my school now someone help


I have three furries in my class itself.


But don’t necropost, thanks.