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Furries, What are we?


I am creating this topic on behalf of all the furries on Lifeboat. The community is large but isn’t well known in the correct manner. In this topic, you will mainly be learning about the SFW side in order to keep it safe for minors to read.

What is a furry?
The main term for someone that is known is a furry, is someone that likes Anthropomorphic animals. These are animals that have human characteristics such as wearing clothes, standing on two paws and talking just like we can. As an example, I am going to use my fursona Hazard.

As you can see, he is standing on two paws. This is a common anthro character, though they can also be feral, basically meaning they can also follow their animalistic traits such as walking on all fours, chirping and squeaking to communicate and chasing his tail. (Yes, Dutchie’s do that!) A furry can have as many characters as they want, though I stick with two. Hazard is my main character / fursona that I try to focus on. The more common species that people use are foxes, wolves and other canines such as dogs. There can also be hybrids though. Hybrids are a mix of two species together. It’s someone’s persona, so why not make it unique in it’s own way!

The Furry Community
The community that’s built around the fandom is an amazing group full of cosplayers, artists and enthusiasts. The two main ways that a furry can show off their character is through art, and fursuits. I’ll get more onto the topic of fursuits later, but lets continue on the topic about the community. As I was saying earlier, the community is full of a lot of people, including artists. In the furry community, art is a business. People would pay an artist to get artwork of their character / fursona. As a good example, I have paid almost £200 in artwork for Hazard including badges and full body pieces. Badges are the best way to identify someone’s character. Normally, a badge consists of a lanyard and a piece of artwork attached to it of their character.

Lets get a bit further into the community, and move onto the topic of fursuits. A fursuit is the best way to show off your character. While in a fursuit, you try to act like your character / fursona. If your character runs and chirps about everywhere being all silly, you can do that in a fursuit! I normally act out in Hazard as a fluffy squeaky dragon. To do this, I had to learn about the suit including where my ears and tail is so I don’t accidentally hit anyone, oops! I also try to talk and make the noises that Hazard would. To do this, I prefer to use a Swiss Warbler bird call.

Every fursuit is different. Each and every suit is made to be your character, which is why they cost a lot of money. In the community, fursuit makers are also another part of the community. They help bring your creations to life, for a price, but it’s so worth it! Some of the best makers I have seen are Don’tHugCacti, MadeFurYou and Skypro Costumes, but depending on the maker, prices can range from $550 al the way up to $10,000! My fursuit was rather cheap. The total cost was £1,225 which is about $1600 U.S dollars.

Depending where you live, you can also find various furry events such as conventions, BBQ meets and furmeets. Furmeets are more common in the U.K as we only have one convention but if you’re from the United States there is over 50 conventions you could attend. Anthrocon and MidwestFurFest being two of the most popular conventions. So far, I have only ever been able to attend Confuzzled, but I will be attending a Scottish convention later next month called ScotiaCon. At these conventions, they have panels which can help you learn even more about the community, including fursuit making, fun activities for fursuiters (if they are in character) and even dance competitions. A convention is also a great way to meet with other furries that have gotten a suit by the same maker as you, we call these fursuit photoshoots. Every convention has at least one of these with every fursuiter that wants to attend.

Finally, (Yes this is the end) It’s easy to get into the community, if you like anthropomorphic characters which are mainly used in films like Jungle Book, Zootopia, Lion King etc, then you are already part of the community! You don’t have to be that deep into the community to be a part of it. (That was a lot to type, I need to go take a lie down)


could use that money to buy a good graphics card :tired_face:


I already have one :stuck_out_tongue: I have a 1050Ti


Thanks for the info about furries. I guess when I meet one surely I have at least some facts to relate with them.

Also, I like how you made your character. Unique and creative :kissing_heart:.


Effective, but rude.


And yet I, still don’t have a fursona! I am gonna maybe make suits of a Victorian pig.
Also, no country beats Scotland.


Scotland is amazing, I had a short holiday down there about 2 weeks ago and loved every minute of it. the view was amazing at the caravan park in Wemyss Bay


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There are reptile, insect, and amphibian (and every other animal that doesn’t have fur or hair) furries?


Well, the term Furry includes reptiles, avian’s and amphibians. As far as I am aware


I have no idea why but I just love the idea of a furry being here lol


lifeboat has reached new heights when a furry gets hired


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