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Fun with Friends!


So yesterday, me and a few others were playing block party for a while. I had a fun time! I decided to post some screenies I took here! I may or may not have posted them on my Twitter too
… haha…

Bonus points if you can guess some people.


The mouse with the beard is CIAMouse and the dude on the right (1st pic) is CaptainCopper … the orange weird looking furry skin is FireStormFox?


This was a lot of fun! I’ll post my screenies at some point. :blush:


Yep! CIAMouse CooperCaspian and ArguableTerror4. Arguable being the Fox beside me.


Cool. At least block party has no lags :grin: the lbsg servers are very laggy




These pictures of the new generation of moderators make me kinda sad that most of the OG moderators are gone. Time sure flies :pensive:


I agree but sometimes change is good right? I miss some of the old mods that I knew before I was a mod but the moderators now are great too! :slight_smile:


That’s cool. No one ever has done this with me ever


Actually I’m besides you Fire is the back xD


I’m in the back though haha


Ohh neptunes