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Full DIAMOND ARMOR hacker in sg?!


Incident:In a casual sg game, it’s impossible to get a full diamond armor set. This user somehow managed to do it, but obvisually its hacks. The hacks are enchanted full diamond armor, “god” sword (26000 sharpness, knockback, fire aspect, etc.)



Attachments (if applicable):

(Credits go to XxtruesavagexX7)

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Hi @SirUmAiR9505! It’s a bit difficult to tell if this player is really hacking or not, but I agree, I see very few diamond on SG and it seems suspicious that they were able to get a full set of diamond gear and a diamond sword. We will look into this.



In this footage the sword doesn’t look to be enchanted. Did you happen to get any other video of this player?



The hacker enchanted the armor to a point where no one can kill him/her. My friend also caught him with an enchanted diamond sword before the game even started.

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No, I don’t have any other video evidence, but you do realize that full diamond armor is not possible to get in Sg? Enchanted or not, it’s still a hack.

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It is possible to find diamonds in the chests, although it is very rare. It’s possible that he found one and figured out a way to duplicate them, which wouldn’t be considered hacking. Either way this definitely isn’t an issue. I have forwarded it on to the staff to look into, so it will be up to them to decide on the punishment, if any.



Okay, thank you and please lock this topic.

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