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Friend/Party system


Lifeboat needs a friend/party system. We can always join the same server but a proper friend system would make this more convenient.

In can be similar to the team system in sg, where an item in the inventory opens up a menu where you manage your friends. Difference is it will be synced across all the servers. Players can teleport to the same servers as their friends through an option in the menu, and if they create a party, all players in the party will join the game when a player taps on a match.

Summary of features to add:

  1. New friend menu accessed through an item in the hotbar, where you can add and manage your friends
  2. Ability to create a “party” (similar to a team on sg, but across all servers). When a player in a party joins a match, all the players in the party join the same match.
  3. Ability to teleport to the same server as your friend by clicking a button.
  • Yes
  • No

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This should be a VIP only feature


Sounds good to me.


Sath, it should be for everyone.

Although I do have one thing VIP’s should get. Standard players can create a party up to 4, VIP’s for a certain game get 8 in THAT GAME, and GOAT get 12.


That’s an in game advantage.

Also, try not to have a fight with me (:

We all want a nice experience don’t we?


Not really. The lobby isn’t a game. And players on a party won’t necessarily be on the same team


Then you don’t need the /party command

Simple. Lol


If you read what a party actually is, it’s just to allow all the players to join the same game.


Well, you already have /team…

If you mean all server gamemodes, then aye


You don’t necessarily want to be on the same team though, so a player can party with their friends so they can play together, and create separate teams so they can still compete against each other


If you say that is a game advantage, then why did you post something saying: ‘This should be a VIP only feature’.

If standard players are not getting party features at all but VIP do, and its OK, then standard with 4 and VIP with 8 would be OK too. If they are against the EULA, make partys for everyone!
But I do not think Mojang would take down lifeboat. I know 2 servers partnered with Mojang that have a party feature, and paid members get a bigger party size, have the servers been taken down or have the feature removed? No. So I think a party for all players is a great idea, and then letting paid members get an extended size!.


Facebook but it’s in LBSG


That is a great idea, ohrangee567.

Have an option where you can select to be on a team or not. If you end up cross teaming, you will get banned. Lifeboat should give it a try for a week, and if they end up with too many cross teamers, they can remove it.



I didn’t even read it lol


Why? Probably because lifeboat only cares about money?


Please don’t necropost.


Does it make it ok if the original creator (me) joins in on the bump? :thinking:


Do you want this topic to be locked or left as it is?


It’s still relevant (kinda) so leave it as it is. If no one replies then let the topic just die by itself


I am actually already working on a network wide party/friend system… though it has its challenges with how our architecture is set up… but its coming.