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So when we upload images, we should have ability to upload maximum 5 pictures at a time, please add it because it saves time and way more easier.


You can have more than 5 pictures in a post… what do you mean? They’re usually uploaded one by one but trying to upload 5 at a time really isn’t necessary.


@Penguin thing is i allways have trouble like it takes forever to upload a photo just by uploading 1 file by 1


That makes no sence, there should be efficient way


If it’s taking a long time your wifi probably has a low upload speed. If you try to send more than one at a time it’d be just as slow.


@Penguin my device is okay but its not efficient way to upload images 1 by one since i always forget what images im uploading


Increasing the amount of images that can be uploaded isn’t an issue that hurts our efficiency. Doing it one by one doesn’t take much time unless you want to upload 100s of images which is not necessary for any purpose on the forums.