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Say we have a contest or something and the winner can have a custom badge on their profile


I already suggested COLOR but no reply from @Penguin!! This ain’t it chief



1> Add the in game rank next to a post so we know whos a beta tester, mod and dev etc… (just like the hypixel forum)

2> Add color text

3> Add xbox auth when log in so itll show our vip or something. (this is possible, look at the roblox discourse forum)

4> Arrange the about us page and add crew members to moderation section. Cuz dont know whos mod and whos staff… quite confusing

5> Add a js script which shows the online players in game

6> discord join widget

THERE @Serenity @Penguin!

Message to staff :<(

There used to be contests made by Stephanie (former staff member for Lifeboat) and then it stopped way before her resignation.
Can something like this be done again?


I’ve talked to our forum tech guy, he said he’ll install it but I don’t believe it’s been installed yet.


Like in the flexfooter?




Ok. What about the others I listed above?? ₩

  1. Custom tags for each type of volunteer would be best done by making each volunteer section have a forum group with an automatic tag. I’ll discuss it, it’s probably feasible.

  2. Colour text plugin is being looked into, probably going to be installed soon. Keep an eye out.

  3. How does roblox do it? Is it a plugin?

  4. Right now the page is automatic, I’ll see if we can edit it.

  5. Not sure how feasible it is, you have to remember that neither me or Serenity are devs.


Also do you know what the contests were about? We had ideas for organized forum events and competitions but no concrete plans.


That would be cool! I love the updates the forum team are doing - keep it up guys, I’m loving it, seriously! :heart:


Just wanted to ask, is it a possibility to create badges?
For example, achievement badges, if a user has been registered on the forums for a year, maybe there’s could be a badge on their profile saying that.

Also banners -
By banners mean like the ones when you view a profile on the Mineplex forums, there is a badge for staff showing their positions, and for players if they have purchased a rank it would show. I think this would be great, though neither Serenity or Penguin are developers.


If you look at roblox forum. When you click login, it redirects you to their login page (like an Oauth) and after verifying, it’ll update your info to the forums. I think it’s possible by using lifeboat-xbox API. @dishrex probably can do it I guess


Discourse has the anniversary badge already, though we can create custom badges.


Might be feasible, though we have had other XBL related things already (like the space in profiles to input it, not sure where that went). I’ll look into both.


Thanks, I think @dishrex can do it cuz hes a super smart dev.

I mean hive did it on their discord. Like when you buy the bedrock+ rank, you automatically get the tag on their discord. Create some kind of a websocket maybe? API pull? I mean I would buy VIP just to get the tag here on the forums. New VIP feature maybe?? Haha :money_mouth_face:


Oh yeah, also said this since I edited it just a few seconds before you typed your reply


It’d be harder to do something exactly like that here because Mineplex uses Xenforo I believe, though we might be able to do a few things.


Same, I thought it was impossible but since roblox did it on their forums, I think it’s possible.


Hi, something like this - *Official Giveaway!*