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Forums Feedback Part 2!


Forum Feedback Part 2!

As you guys have requested, here’s another Forums Feedback post! Please feel free to express any suggestions, opinions, and constructive feedback that pertains to the forums. We can’t make all your guys’ suggestions come true but know that the team will read through each one! And if you haven’t seen yet, we have implemented a few suggestions from the last post so don’t be afraid to say something on your mind. This is only for the forums, do not post any in-game related suggestions.

What we have implemented:

  • Beta Helper - Bugs reports will be solved much faster than before!

  • In-game advertisements have been requested for the forums and should be added soon if not already.

  • Updated FAQ/guidelines. Suggestions are still open regarding the FAQ.

  • New guides on creating good posts and formatting text.

In Progress:

  • New themes and different ways to format text!

Other announcements:

We decided to let Regular users request an endless amount of emojis (have mercy on us and don’t spam the topic too much) so hop on over and get your memes in. Emoji List will be added when we have a sufficient amount of emojis! :eyes: :owo:

(Please do not excessively post or make small talk with another user. This thread is for feedback only.)

Message to staff :<(
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Also, if we had contests, what kind of prizes would ya’ll like? Custom tags perhaps?


if we have color i will not choke on lego


that would be lit


Well can we have sm plots back and have sm inventry not reset? Thanks and I can’t request custom emoji’s cause I’m not regular


You can make a support topic about SM inventories.


That’s actually pretty awesome :slight_smile:

As for feedback, I think lifeboat should add a section called “Gamemode discussion.” We already have server suggestions for players to give suggestions for the server, and general discussion where we can talk about whatever we want, but we don’t have a section that is specifically for discussion of the gamemodes themselves.


Great to see you’ve listened to Sherman and I.


A minigame in the forums itself


i want elevator music to play everytime i go on the forums


Too soft. Go for heavy metal


Serious replies please. We’re looking for feedback, if you guys don’t want to give anything serious we can’t give you anything serious.


I was being serious for this


Ah okay, what type of minigame? We’re looking to running some events or similar.


Surprise me. As long as there’s something to play


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Question of the Week??
Mods ask questions to players. Lol.


Or maybe custom badges would be cool to.


Badges specifically for one user? Or just new badges? I think we may actually be able to make custom badges, might be something to look into.