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Forums 2019 - Major Update Announcement


Basically true damn… I can’t believe lifeboat let things get out of hand



False, you have no idea how the forums looked like back then. And don’t think keeping it active is a piece of cake. Look at survival games back then and now - players are moving on to different gamemodes. As users here moved on to discord once it has been introduced - and left the forums. So actions had to be taken - and there is no one to blame.



It does cost money to keep a discourse forum up, that’s irrefutable. Anybody that would make a forum as advanced as this is and give it away for free is thickheaded. According to Michael Howell, one of the people at discourse, an 85% discount equates to $15 per month, and considering the lifeboat forums isn’t hosted at a school as Howell stated, the discount doesn’t apply. Lifeboat has had discourse for nearly three years now (June 14th, 2016, to be exact). Considering lifeboat suffered a big drop in player counts, they haven’t normally been making the same amount of money compared to 2016 and now. It would make sense, money wise, to shut this place down. It isn’t really anyone’s business, probably why they didn’t say anything about that.

Anyways, I digress, this forum has lasted a long time, and it’s unfortunate that it had to end this way, however, it might promise lifeboat more benefits, and that is what I am hoping for. Not many people on this forum are ever active anyway, you could count on a daily basis how many people come here. It’s crazy to also think a lot of them are moderators for lifeboat. This forum also isn’t what it used to be, it’s always been full of negativity, pessimissm, toxicity, and more. This place wouldn’t be welcoming to new users that come here. Been here for a few years, no doubt I’m going to miss this place, but, we will be more together on discord.

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Everyone having to migrate to discord = More people seeing the announcements not much care about.

More people seeing the announcements not much care about = Profit, one way or another



So how are we suppose to make polls if we can’t on discord?



Who are those people???



There is a similar way to do so on discord as well with reactions.



Probably :roll_eyes:me , CIAmouse ,serenity,cyanplayz and hydreon
:joy::rofl: idk

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Sure, but would those get the same amount of engagement as a poll here might? Where would someone make one anyway? In chatter? People can get pretty talkative there at times. It could end up not even being noticed.



Discord is actually being improved to suit the upcoming changes as we are speaking. And no, why would polls be made in chatter anyways?



This is sad. It’s been an adventure for the forums. Peace



oh my god waiT WHAT



gosh why you’re ruining the fun…

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Also, I saw the one topic about my anniversary. I feel bad for not responding to people who still actually cared about me and left some messages. :sweat_smile:

Probably be making a short video and will join the Discord… Again. Like for the third or fourth time.



Make a subreddit. All the categories would be flairs and stuff.



if only the lb discord didn’t suck…

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lol true



So I come back in a month or so and THIS is the news I get?!
RIP, good times from early 2017-18

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Agree, lb discord does suck, if your banned, forever well goodluck never coming back, enjoy being bored



Rest in Piece Lifeboat forums. I loved it until this was announced. May god be with you all. Sings Hide and Seek by Jason Derulo