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Forum Update!


Hello Lifeboaters!
If you haven’t noticed yet, there has been a few changes in the last few days. Due to Galactic_Storm’s absence, I have taken over the role as Forum Director. @Penguin has been promoted to Lead Forum Moderator due to her amazing contributions to the forums. Please congratulate her on the promotion! We hope to make positive changes to the forums and continue this wonderful community of ours.

A few forum updates…

We’re planning to create a new and improved guideline as we know our current one isn’t cutting it. If any of you have a few suggestions of things we need to fix about the guideline, feel free to post it below. Keep a lookout for the new one in a few days! And as requested, we have found a way to handle reports faster and more proficiently. No more 20+ pending reports! :tada:

If you have any suggestions for the forum moderation team or the forums in general, please refer to Penguin’s recent post: Forum Feedback

Thank you everyone for your continuous support here on the forums, the forum moderation team appreciates every single one of you! Have a wonderful day and keep Lifeboating! :sailboat:


And with galatic gone, this marks the dawn of Era 7 on the forums, every year is a new era.



That sounds nice


Congrats to both on this achievement.
Also Serenity, are you in a staff position now or something? Will Storm be back?


I’m still a volunteer for Lifeboat and it’s unsure if Storm will come back. But whatever her decision is, we should all support her! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s cool! A volunteer taking place of what was a staff position? Even PC servers don’t do that! Great job!

For storm, is it personal issues or is it server-related issues. Of course this should probably not be discussed but if she is fine she can do so.

If it’s something tough, let’s all wish her good luck. :four_leaf_clover:


Congrats guys!





but where is jacob
who is jacob
why is jacob


where: I don’t stalk people (or do I)
Who: Da god
Why: wait what???. He probably isn’t working at LBSG for now, but he will probably come back


Congrats Penguin!


Congratulations :tada::champagne:


Grats Penguin,


I just realized, Storm has resigned.


This explains everything


Welp, serenity for president.


Congrats to both of you!




Congrats for the promotions!