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It’s not just Kaleb’s choice.


@GCR mostly it is because kaleb and CIAmouse is In charge of the mods and Brandon is a builder person


What’s that.


Red mod? Are you referring to the tag color?


He is someone who views the builder applications (sorry if I’m wrong)


It’s fine. Brandon, CIA, and Kaleb review the moderator applications and do most of the volunteer-related stuff. The builder applications are reviewed by LandyOO5, the lead builder.

(Information may be outdated)


Stay on topic guys


It’s just a joke among the mods.
Because some players call Seniors; Red mods.


The mods are all 6 years old

(Information may be outdated)

(they could have aged by leaps and bounds)


No they do not. And that is not the reason why Catty isn’t a Senior Moderator




Dont mods that get accepted as forum mod get Sr Mod?
That’s what I heard.


DM so we don’t go so off-topic


Slack Please.


Thats a better way to do things I believe.


Congratulations on bumping! 10/10 community guidelines knowledge!


Since your a new user, you are probably unaware that you shouldn’t bump topics that are older than 30 days. Please refrain from doing it in the future.

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