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Forum Update


Forum Mods have moderator permissions, meaning they have a lot more capabilities and access to information. Helpers have a selected amount of these tools to help (such as locking abilities), but only what is associated with Trust Level 4 (leader).


Congrats guys!
Just wondering how come people who have been locked before in game can’t apply for forum mod but are able to apply for in game mod


Congrats everyone! :wink:


Umm… ok…
I guess, Er…
Its ok…




Congrats to those who got forum helper!


Congratulations, everyone! :tada:


Good job. Can they reply to Help topics, though?


Yes they can hazel


Are there going to be more forum helpers


Well, since he indicated it’s the ‘First Round’, I would assume (when it’s needed) that some more are going to be hired. But again, depends if they need more and if there are any good candidates that stand out.




Congrats again Penguin! :DD


I am happy to see all the people that got the job are happy🙂


And we’re all dead…


I still say @Zombieslayer124 would be a good fit. Lol.


Forum mods get red mod too.
Except Cattyy


False! IT is up to kaleb to decide if she is a red, remember kaleb may want xcatty to be green mod


No, Cattyy isn’t Senior because she wasn’t a modbefore she got accepted


Oh ok but she still needs to work for it or it’s kaleb choice