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Forum Update


I meant what we had previously, as in before we were made Forum Helpers. Such as Crew, VIP+, etc.


Ah, will there be a second round of forum helpers?
Edit: If not then MY DREAM IS IGM! I won’t let myself down


Here’s my way of supporting friends and end ups pretty good in the end:
Hope you fail


Good luck on your dreams! And it does say we are the first round, there may very well be a second round.


Thanks for the encouraging statement😂


OOH! Will we have to apply again?


There was no application process for this round, and as stated in the original post it isn’t something you ‘apply for’, so no.


Will they choose us from the forum mod applications?
Edit: Just curious bc my dream is to be a part of the Lifeboat team


I didn’t apply for forum moderator, yet I still managed to become a Forum Helper, so I would assume no.


Well I got to go so good night guys! I hope some of you get asked to be forum helper🙂 (I have no chance)


BEST of luck


Congratsssss ;DD :tada:


Thanks everyone, by the way.


You are welcome🙂


Hmm? aswell.


Not necessarily. Some helpers are already a part of the team, so they would keep whatever tag they currently have. (As Penguins explained)

We’ll have to see. There’s a lot of variables involved so I don’t have a definitive answer a couple hours into things. :wink:


GREAT WORK @Paul @Fishy @Penguin and frost aka Ryan.


But I wrote a forum mod application :joy:


Yeah, I was pointing out that I didn’t so they may not be solely looking at the applications.


Storm, what’s the biggest difference between Forum Mods and said Forum Helpers?