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Forum Update


So… there’s news. Brace yourself…

There’s NO new Forum Mod!! Wait what?!?

Here’s the scoop. As a team we couldn’t collectively reach a decision about who we wanted to promote to Forum Moderator. All the applications were really good, and we thank everyone who took the time in applying.

Instead we’re implementing a new system, Forum Helpers. This position will be similar to the ‘mini-mods’ or as the Trust Level 4 rank Leader was intended to be (but nothing was ever done with it…) Until Now!!

They will help around the Forums and have been given specific instructions, badges, and tasks. Won’t be as stressful or at the level of other Forum Moderators, but they’ll still be able to contribute in making the Forum community to the way it is today.

And your first round of Forum Helpers are…

@_FrostAuraWolf , @Penguin, @Fishy, and @Paul !!

Currently we won’t be accepting anymore helpers in the future, but several factors are looked at prior. Your overall behavior, presence, and activity will be monitored and evaluated. Any infractions on your account will immediately rule out any chance of becoming a helper in the future.

This is something recently started up, so changes may be eminent. So please pardon any transitional flukes we may have to work out.

Happy Lifeboating! :sailboat:

~ Storm

How do I get discord rank?
About the forum moderators applications last Year

So does it mean that Forum Helpers have the chance to moderate In-Game too?


As far as I know, Forum Helper does not come with any abilities outside the forums.


No, the Forums and In-Game are two separate, departments respective to their role in the network. They don’t automatically become In-Game Mods.


Congratulations! I will try my best for IGM, wish me luck!


So you saw my application? Was it good?


Wait what. Oh SWEET! She said first round.


Why is DanFlakes not a forum helper? Hmmmm

Congratulationeeees to all those who got selected :smiley:


Don’t ask staff members of how your result is. It may lower your chance to be moderator


As stated it said they were all good…to good to decide so there was really no need😂


I didn’t even apply because my application would’ve won.


Oh god.


Umm… good job?


He’s recently switched roles to focus more on Social Media Support.


Will there be another round soon? Just curious…


congrats guys


Oh I would have loved to have Dan here though…


Does that mean that Forum Helpers will not get Mod tag?


In-game, I believe we don’t get any tag other than what we already have.


Forum Helper?