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Forum suggestions?


Well I’m not putting in server suggestions cause I’m not sure if it’s bad if I do. Anyways

There should be colored texts update. Its kind like google doc or Microsoft Word but users can like choose any color or make a custom just like Google docs, anyways I would love this update cause forums would be prettier. I’m not judging your fourms lifeboat, but this forums is amazing but should we add in some cool text features? Maybe have feature to cross out words?

Don’t worry, it’s possible to copy and paste on tablet,
Even xbox lol.

Also on my forums app, there isn’t a discord button next to my search button but idk now. Anyways there is a youtube channel called lifeboat network, can we have a button next to the search button and it looks like lifeboat ship logo and a kinda visible youtube play button and when u tap or like it, it just brings you to the lifeboat channel.

If this idea is suggested, please tell penguin this cause I’m using steel blue.



I’m not working on any theme at the moment (didn’t bring my laptop with me to Europe) but I did ask our tech guy to install a BB code colour plugin (though he hasn’t yet, I’ll look into that if I can get online later). There actually is a YouTube link button on our Desktop version of any theme on the custom Top Bar and a Discord dropdown on the normal header, but it’s harder to implement on mobile due to screen size. Remember that most mobile users are on phones, not tablets. I’ll see what I can add though once I’m back in Canada.


Well oh phones, do u know how people bold words? The it should be in the bar like all other fonts



There is, see the three lines next to the arrow that pulls the text box down? That toggles the bar that allows you to choose the text options like bold and italics. Alternatively you could directly type **(your text here)** for bold and *your text here* for italics.