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From what I can see on the website at least…


I don’t think we’re on their hosting and we have at least one “Advanced” plugin (canned replies). I’ll look into it though.


why didn’t u just do this on slack lol


The forums is a community thing, and these suggestions I feel the community should also get involved in with their opinions about.


I went and looked at it, a lot of their “advanced” plugins are available free on their meta forum with github links so I’d presume it’s just more streamlined or easier somehow with their hosting. Guessing from their terminology it’s just pre-installed on the plans.


Next time if you have a suggestion as a volunteer, you should DM me or Penguin about it.


Take your mouse and hold down left click through out the whole entire blog post, only stopping at pictures.
Hold down control and press C while still holding control. Release control after pressing C.
Type forums.lbsg.net in your web browser
Left click over buttons to get to your desired section.
Hover your cursor over the “New Topic” button.
Press down the left button on your mouse for around a split second.
Left click on the big field.
Now hold control again, but now press V.
Hover cursor over “create topic” button and left click.


I’m pretty sure she meant writing a blog post about all the bug updates in detail, not copy and pasting the current blog posts on to the forums.