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Player Profiles

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I know that that the new lead forum director and lead moderator don't have much to work with on the forums, although there is something missing from the Lifeboat Forums that almost every forum has, and that is the ability to post on someones profile. I believe that adding something similar to this would be a great way to get forum users to interact with each-other through likes and profile posts.

This is a great way to get forum users more involved, and make new friends within the community.

Account Linking

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The ability to sign into the forums using Xbox Live would be a great way for a player to also link their forum account with their Lifeboat account. By a player linking their account, it opens the book for more ideas that can make the forums more unique. Ideas such as a profile viewer, VIP forum tags that are shown in real time, as well as so much more.

More Updates

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By more updates, I don't mean updates on the forums, but updates on the forums and the server overall. I know that moderators, crew and other volunteers don't get access to this kind of information, which is why I would recommend @Serenity, @CStadther, or @CyanPlayz to post regular updates as soon as they are available. Things like bug fixes will be compiled into one massive post (Like a monthly update post).

I feel that adding this will make the community feel that they are kept up to date with the latest updates for the network, as well as allowing them to get more involved on the forums, and giving the forums more use to players of the network.


Hm. I really like these suggestions, especially the update one. It’s vital for a network to communicate with it’s community on a regular basis, it allows room for improvement and feedback.

I do also think there should be a live chat option. If a user needs to ask something urgently then they can do that. Now I know messaging is always an option but it does give it a more professional atmosphere and players won’t have to always be bugging around certain volunteers/staff.


I feel like this would be something that would be added at https://lbsg.net/support as it would relate more to support rather than the forums itself.


Hm. Yeah, I agree. Or perhaps on the main lifeboat website page. It can be in the bottom corner as many players won’t bother going to certain links.


On the forums? There was one at one point, but it was removed fairly quickly after being added.


I was thinking the forums, but now I am considering more on the actual main website.


Mineplex, Hypixel, and other servers already do account linking. Lol.


Mineplex and Hypixel dont use Discourse like we do and therefore have far more options than us. It’s harder to do it on this platform but we can try to look into linking the forums with xBox to show stats and such.

There’s also monthly blogs with in-game updates I believe. We can possible copy and paste it over but I’m not about to force our extremely busy staff members to write them up again.

There’s also going to be a page in the future dedicated to bugs in-game so watch out for that. :eyes:


This is something that would be a rather great addition. I know that Discourse is a rather hard platform to manage, as I have tried the free trial of it.

These aren't really monthly as they haven't been getting updated as much as I have seen. They also don't contain information on bug fixes over the month either.

This sounds like a rather neat idea.


That’s where the bug page will come in. I’ll check up on blogs and how they’re doing.


I do think these monthly blogs need to be advertised. Not many people see them or even heard of them.


They are normally on https://lbsg.net although the last one I seen was in January.


This was the first time I’ve heard about their existence. Perhaps advertisements in-game would be a good idea, same goes with the forums but I am certain they are already being implemented.


They did have an automatic UI pop up when you joined the server in December (when they had the December update), though I haven’t seen anything since then (in-game wise).


Ah. It would be nice if it made a reappearance, then.


Just saw this topic, I’ve got a bit more technical knowledge than Serenity so I’ll go through them again.

Just not possible with what we’ve got to work with here, there might be a plugin out there somewhere though.

That’s a lot easier said than done. As discussed before that requires dev involvement and frankly most of them don’t deal with forum stuff.

Serenity and I can work on keeping you guys all up to date on forum updates, but we can’t really help with the other departments. Good idea though, agree with that one.


Also I’ve seen plugins to integrate Discourse forums into a blog like website, though not the other way around. Might look into that.

The live-chat feature we used to have was the Babble plugin, it was very very laggy so we pulled it.


@Hazard_DutchAD monthly posts are available on lbsg.net/blogs. Please understand that blog posts releases in the next within 2 weeks.


The thing is, Discourse has limited plugins, and the community cannot get involved in them. I have seen that most plugins are required to have the enterprise or business version of Discourse.


I thought it was open-source? Isn’t it just hosting they offer?