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Forum Rank?


I like this logic :+1:



Yep, it’s to increase forum participation and it won’t be too much of a burden when it comes to manually assigning the roles!

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Why do regulars deserve them? No fair!



It’s not unfair. Regulars deserve having those becausthey are “regulars.”

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There is no need for too many ranks in the server, its ugly and ruins the quality of the server. Just give em a custom lifeboat cape instead

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That’s a better idea.



Yea, lets just have a Cape and way about this, lets just have users being active either they sre member and regulars or higher can get the Cape, only if they join discord, their account must have engineer role and the bot will give it to you if you type “/ign (xbox username) Cape” and will get an cape in game,

Is this good idea? It’s just little bit of programming ur bot or maybe alot, u just need to set up a way to claim ur prize

Also I don’t think it should be custom cause users can abuse this, maybe the games will give them and the Cape looks like, lifeboat logo and a ship.

This will make lifeboat way bit better, I mean everyone needs to do following steps and wait to claim your reward.