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Forum Helpers Wanted! [Now Closed]


Am I the only one who doesn’t want to be a mod? =))


Probably :smile:


Hey I thought you were done, “speaking the truth.”

I’m not going to apply for forum helper, I want to become a in game moderator first.


No you’re not alone. :slight_smile:


d00d, that was reply was 3 days ago, his topic was 1 day ago.




Are they still open?
Btw good luck everyone☺️


Yes, until Monday.


What do forum helpers do anyways?


They will be locking topics, addressing Support concerns, tagging reports, and keeping the natural order Lifeboat has.


They’re sort of mini-mods in a way, answering Support topics, locking/unlisting bad topics, generally helping out the community. They have Trust Level 4/Leader permissions, so not as much as forum mods.


Thank you so much😊


What order?

JK, Moderation does a great job at keeping order :slight_smile:


I decided to apply a few days ago, since I know a lot about the place. Best of luck to the people that were picked.


I think I was denied :slightly_frowning_face:


Remember the applications just closed so they’re most likely just starting to select the forum helpers. Have hope and stay positive! :slight_smile:


Good luck to all candidates!


i tHinK i WAs dEniED ;((


The helpers haven’t been posted yet


Do you know when they’ll be posted?