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Forum Helpers Wanted! [Now Closed]


Makes me sad every time


Goodluck my lads!




I applied! Good luck to everyone else who applied!


@Zombieslayer124 for forum mod.


Well guess I’m not applying.

I can’t even apply anyways lol


Stop bringing that up again! In my opinion you should still apply.


Good luck to everyone applying!


The next forum helper shall not be corrupt. Although, they always do turn out to be.


Good luck to everyone that applies!


keep telling yourself that


We’re all normal people. Would you consider Penguin and I corrupt? We were once forum helpers.


Good luck to all applying!


Forum helpers have to sign an agreement of Lifeboat when they get accepted or promoted, I believe. Therefore, following the same obligations of a volunteer. So yes, you guys are corrupt. Lol.


How exactly does signing an agreement make us corrupt?


Because you work for Lifeboat?


I still don’t understand it?


bruuhhhh do you even know the definition of corrupt lmaooo


Being associated with Lifeboat doesn’t instantaneously make you corrupt. Are all Volunteers perfect? No. But we certainly take the extra effort to ensure proper selection before hiring just anyone.

Definition for “Corrupt”: having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.

I’d take a good look at yourself before you keep spreading your hostility everywhere.


Good luck to everyone!