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Forum Helpers Announced!


Funny, because now that Sath is Forum Helper, he is out at a disadvantage in his forum game.

Also, now that you are forum helper, @Sath, you better get a Minecraft logo of yourself and will now have a replacement. Since you are apart of the forum staff, you cannot use your humor as much as you used to.

Now, what are you doing monitoring on a discourse website?! Shut down your computer and get some rest! And fresh air whenever you can :wink:


You guys are godlike


It’s a shame you know


Yeah, I know…


Why do I need a minecraft logo xD?


When one of my friends becomes a moderator, it hurts me because now they have responsibilities and formalities and we can’t be friends the way we were. The informal type.
Exception to this is @TEnderM :slight_smile:


Thanks :smile:


He boat should not be wooden


They are prophesying lies to you in my name. I have not sent them,” declares the LORD.


Congratulations to those who got accepted into the Forum Helpers!! :tada::tada:


That’s why I was happy when @apple_tree_888 left his job as a discord moderator. He had almost punished me in the past and therefore I felt nice that I could be talking to him as a friend.


woah that’s hArSh

Apple tree is the coolest mod :clap::clap:

u bEtTer NoT bE mEan


Can I have a nice boat?




Congratulations to those people who got accept.


truth is if u were real friends with someone being a mod wouldn’t affect ur relationship lol


Indeed. Agreed. I was also gonna say that.




I’m not a mod xD


eh somewhat