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Forum Helpers Announced!


Am I the only one questioning how Sath got forum helper?


yes you are the only one.


It’s infact my Christmas present. Santa lost his way in the woods and when he finally reached me, it had been 6 months.






is no one going to point out the fact that 70% of this forum’s population are mods now




yes u r

he’s more than capable of being a forum mod


nope im questioning too


Wow I’m suprised you tried out…

  1. Congrats!! though I didn’t know you were signing up it is a good position for ya so glad you were someone that got picked

  2. What even made you wanna sign up? Saying it here or making your own post about it… I’m curious if not others


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Just because you aren’t accepted on your first try on one application does not mean you’re on any blacklist for all positions. As far as I know Pineapples is welcome to apply for any position and have a fair shot at it.


sjsjdj it’s like half of the active forum members are moderators or helpers

anyways congratulations! wishing you guys the best of luck


Congrats everyone!




I’m not blacklisted and also let’s not speak about that please


Also, hey! How have you been?


Congratulations To Everyone!!! :tada::tada::tada:


Congrats to the new forum helpers!