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No, I though it a post, site feedback is given by us, and server related things that mods want the players input go to site feedback. This is straaaannnggee


I’m going to throw my dice here, and wait for a 6 to land.

Personally, I am interested in the aesthetics of the forums.
If you are someone who has a large interest in seeing websites with a lot of prosperous colours which echant your eyes or you prefer an atmospheric looking site with dark dull colours making you feel tense. Now my suggestions are probably not useful but I think we should add more colours to the forum settings, there is only white and black, I use black since it’s better for my eyes, but what if we add more, like red, blue, purple, yellow, brown, orange and so on. That could make the forums more attractive for some people, and I think the little block icons determining our status should be the lifeboat heart but more beautiful for higher statuses, like basics have a greyish coal heart, members have a redstone heart, regulars have a glimmering diamond heart and leaders have a emerald heart. Also to make the forums more popular, it should be lightly advertised in game to get more people on here and discuss about praise of Lifeboat or issues about Lifeboat which outweigh the praise. Also more formats for your text, it would be fun to have rainbow text or some extremely colossal text bigger than just doing this

Hi i am big

Since this is a template, I hope you can put these in.
Also I wish our ips were hidden completely from mods too.


I’m not sure how much we can change stuff like maximum text size and colours, though I’ll look into it and possibly make a more advanced text formatting guide.

The other parts are pretty interesting. I think we’re considering working to get the trust level flairs back along with updating the forums to the newest Discourse version, though we’ve got a few things planned so it might not be top priority. I’ll talk to Serenity about making more themes, we’re still trying to figure all that stuff out.

As for the IP thing, I assure you that the forum team will never disclose any part of it or associated information such as location which can be determined via IP. The only thing we will disclose is any alts associated with the same IP as we do need to prevent ban evasion and other such practices. Most Discourse templates allow the moderators and up to view IPs, and we are by far not the only website where your IP is stored.


Great! I would love some new themes and more html formatting.


I liked how things were before the update that just happened…


Agreed with cat…


Don’t know how much we can do about that, it being a Discourse update. We did get those trust level blocks working again though.


Have staff actually read and give feedback on suggestions


The thing is there’s only so many people that are qualified to read the suggestions topics. The moderators (and Director) aren’t because we don’t really have the development expertise to evaluate them fairly. Which means that it’s down to devs/staff to really look at them. I’ve brought this issue up with the team before and have been told that with the size of Lifeboat’s dev team, they’ve got too much on their plates to read each and every forum suggestion.




Just HTML? No CSS?

Jokes aside, there is actually room for custom CSS/HTML for themes on the forums, it’s something we’re looking into though we’re still trying to get the hang of it at this point.


Yes, I am experienced with HTML and CSS but CSS actually works??.


Why is there even a suggestion category then if no one important is going to read them? That’s the equivalent of having an app on your phone that doesn’t even boot. It’s just their taking up space doing nothing helpful.

p { font-family: verdana; font-size: 20px; color: red; }



WTH no it doesn’t?.


I wanna help too with this HyperText Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets.


Me too,


It does work. It just isn’t supposed to be use outside…


And then you see kids playing with templates saying “I CAN CODE”


Show me