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This is you?


I didn’t see it, but that word would generally not be allowed. We’d probably not go beyond an edit or deletion though.


so basically “hoe” shouldnt be allowed either because thot means “that hoe over there”

and yeah u can look up some old posts everyone called each other a hoe before but i guess we can change that now


It’s filtered through one of the moderation filters on the forums, so it’s usually up to moderator discretion on what to do with it, depending on context. If they’re explicitly referring to the tool we will let it through, otherwise it really just depends. In this case I let it through as you’re merely providing examples of usage and whether it should be banned or not (we also let it through in certain reports, as players often state the word they’re reporting). I’ll add that to the list of things we need to clear up with the rule/guideline revamp.


well im guessing that word just got filtered like two minutes ago cuz i sent that earlier no biggie

keep it up with the guidelines revamp, its hard to be a memelord and lord of sarcasm without bending the rules too much it breaks.


It isn’t is filtered


I was referring to “hoe”, which is filtered (and has been for a while), sorry if that wasn’t clear.


Okay :ok_hand:


You took the time into finding my account? Stalker. But in all seriousness, I thought I made another account prior to that one, which I made a few days ago, I will be going on there and talking about stuff.


I will not miss him at all…


Off topic: Hey penguin I’m curious and what are you up to? And no offence if I’m offending any moderator.


What am I up to? Well to tell you the truth I’m working on a text formatting guide based off of this part of Killian’s suggestion:

It was a good idea, but the topic was pretty old so rather than bump it, we thought about making our own guide.

pinned #33


Moved to this.


Oh wait, it doesn’t work


It’s not really a survey either…


I guess, but you ARE looking for our feedback??


That’s what the title says. :wink:


Well yes, but I thought site feedback was for our feedback, not yours.


You guys are providing the feedback on this post, not us. The topic specifically asks forum users the questions. So yes, it is for your feedback.