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Hey guys,

There’s been a few changes to the forums lately, and the moderators are quite curious to hear what the active forum members have to say about the current state of the forums. We’ve got some changes planned out internally, but it’d be nice to hear what the community wants to see from the forums. Are there any issues you think we should work on? Problems with response time? Things that should be cleared up? Rules that should be made clearer?

Forum Update!

Personally, I’d like the see a new section added for bug reports that Beta Testers can handle. It doesn’t make much sense to me to have a forum mod or helper handle those, and it just ends up taking more time when they have to talk to one of us about it, and then give that information to the user. I usually just end up messaging the user, but I understand that things can get confusing when I am telling them something and then a mod is also trying to figure out how to handle the report. I also feel some users might not know that they can report bugs here, since most of the topics in support are reports. Just a thought.


Boost the activity on the forums, my idea would be a statue or NPC in-game near the lobby or near the mini game portals advertising the forums. There are a lot of people here, yes, but a lot of people aren’t online here, we could name everyone that goes online here on a daily basis. Doing so would give us more of a community, and maybe more professional people coming in and discussing server suggestions.

And with more people coming in, we need to make them more familar on how to use discourse. I’d say pinning topics like @HeavyBlurrySoul made in this post.


No we do. We just son’t care. Lol.


I agree with this. Beta Testers should be able to handle bug reports.


With Jacob gone, it seems that bug reports forms take longer to fix…


Whats cursing and what’s not.




Great point, refers back to what I said about changing the terms and conditions, as it is misleading into thinking players can use such abbreviations and get banned after.




Strange. They do change the TAC, only not what the parts that seem to constantly get foggy.


Thanks for the feedback guys. I think we’ve already got plans to clear up some of the rules and guidelines (the abbreviations issue especially needs clarification), hopefully it’ll be up soon.


Why not make a REVAMP on the guidlines. If you are, I could help?


We might be revamping it, the details aren’t too clear yet. It’ll probably be created by the forum team but feedback from here would help us figure out which spots need to most work.


Exactly. Why not a PM with the Forums team and we can discuss. We can get serenity as she is our forum director for now.


i just want to be able to lock and unlist my own topics




Nope, not gonna happen. We’ve asked and talked to discourse about it, Jeff disapproved of it because it can be abused, as I stated before.

You can simply say “X user sucks” and close and unlist it in a whim, as Jeff said. It can easily be abused.

Now, for you skeptics out there who don’t believe me, look at this.


We will look into this. Good suggestion.


and thats why we have mods and trust levels. regulars should only get this feature and mods can destroy those who abuse this function.

and also more feedback, can u guys specify what words are censored and whats not, and can it be so that censorship isnt based on personal opinion? i just called the lead moderator a thot and she never did anything, so that means it aint punishable, 2 hours later it gets edited out by sath.