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Even if your comments are considered a joke to you, the person you direct it to can take it as insult whether you say it’s a joke or not. Try thinking of how others would feel about your remarks rather than yourself.


There’s no point getting upset over an insult over the internet, the internet for god’s sake!
There will people will be pieces of crap on the internet no matter what you do. The best thing to do is just get over it and not get offended.,Like they say- “You find it offensive, i find it funny, that’s why i’m happier than you.”


This is getting off-topic, yes?


Back to the topic. For future references, please refrain from using your humor to target someone whether it’s a joke or not. It’s not funny and though it may be just the internet, there are people on each side of the screen including yourself. It would be like insulting someone in front of their face but through a screen. Thank you.


this is on topic
'Forum dictator¡
i gonna eat some popcorn and watch eorthless stuff


@Srednem, I like you being funny, but, it’s just really getting out of hand, i find the word “rubbish” a really funny word when I point it to someone that I really know and close with. I don’t call a random person “rubbish” just for a joke, because he/she doesn’t even know me yet and I’m just gonna start pointing him/her out, which is actually, immoral.

I want you to be more careful next time when making a joke about someone especially to the person whom you don’t know personally.

I analyzed what keeps you arguing with the mods is because they have that “strict” and “serious” tone all the time and you find it insulting rather than a reminder and so it makes you start defending yourself.


This drama only further proves my point.

Seriously, can you guys cease from incompetence just this once? Apparently is too much to ask for.


Let’s insult ourselves


What are you talking about?! There was no drama, there was constructive criticism, nothing was bad up until these people came along. Seriously, they’re just looking for attention at this point.


:popcorn: this is a spicy meatzaballa


Brought the food out too late, the drama is in another topic.


Sorry, I mistook it for another topic for a second. The drama surrounding our forum director has been going on for quite a while, if you wanted a link to that particular topic I’d be more than happy to provide it.