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Forum Criticism


blame seren too xD


Yah the forum director is rubbish at maintaining the forums


Nah blame the forum director


Be careful, the last guy who called her “Rubbish” was hanged by the Moderators.






She is unfit for her job
Calls for her to step down


Enough. If you believe that any member of our staff or volunteer teams is unfit for the job, you may contact staff to voice your concerns, but there isn’t any need to be throwing around insults. The drama in this topic has been going on long enough, if you insist on dragging it out it may need to be locked.


What’s so bad about voicing our own opinions that the topic needs to be locked ? Too sad that we’re telling the truth ?


No, it’s because you’ve gone through the bother of making an alternate account to dig up a 3-day old thread that is completely unrelated to our forum director, after the other guy has already bashed our forum director several times (or at any rate has participated in the related drama-fest). We’ve already told you how to voice your concerns with how active our staff are, there’s no need to continue bashing our director in a public thread. We’d lock it if you were targeting any other user as well.


Everybody needs to know why the forums are becoming bad, do they not?


This topic was about how Lifeboat was going downhill due to excessive shipping, which has nothing to do with our forum director.


Can I make a topic regarding my opinions about the forums?


You are allowed to share your opinion, but it must be done in a respectful manner. That means you shouldn’t insult the director (for what it’s worth, you shouldn’t be insulting anyone else either) in your topic, but you can suggest ways for us to improve (more messages about the forums in-game, for example) or point out things we could be doing better (faster response times to Support issues, bugs, etc.) without personally insulting anyone.


My post won’t be aimed to insult anyone, but will include negativity.


You were insulting our director. Her job isn’t only directing the forums. She also takes customer support, thus she is busy as well.


I suppose you could post it, but if it includes similar sentiments as the ones expressed here (“The forum director is rubbish”) without further explanation I’m afraid it’ll just end the same way.


Okay, being serious right now.

I know you guys are a bunch of hippies saying “Oh, you could easily hurt someone’s feelings by doing this! Someone could commit suicide because of your cyber-bullying!” and how insulting anyone in any manner is bad but come on, all he says is “Rubbish”, “RUBBISH”! Is Rubbish really something that bad? In the manner they speak it they say that our Great Supreme Leader Galactic_Storm isn’t doing her job that well, they aren’t calling her [deleted] or something like that, just “Rubbish”. It’s not meant as an insult to begin with although it could be taken that way. But hey, Galactic or anyone else might commit suicide by being called rubbish! right?

I think it’s completely stupid and illogical to end your life because some [deleted] on the internet calls you [deleted] or something like that. If someone ends their life because of cyber-bullying i call natural selection.

But that’s beside the point. Someone calling Storm rubbish is not the same as calling her a [deleted] or something like that, it just means they’re saying they don’t think Storm does her job well, which i disagree with of course. Keep in mind @Galactic_Storm is the one who runs the entire forums, so naturally she has a lot on her hands. Now i haven’t been here long enough to observe how exactly Galactic does her job but i’m pretty sure being the “Director” takes a lot of responsibility, that’s not even mentioning the IRL stuff she has going on. Keep in mind that she has a life to attend to, she can’t be on the forums 24/7 because she has alot more important things going on IRL. So calling her rubbish for not taking care of the forums enough is stupid, that’s what her staff are here for.

To sum it up, Rubbish isn’t that bad, Suicide in general is completely illogical, and Storm isn’t rubbish because she already has a lot of IRL responsibility and she can’t be tending to the forums 24/7, that’s why her staff are here.

Thank you for reading and i hope you understand.


Fair points, though I will note that some of your word choice is not recommended here. It’s not the word “rubbish” that is the main concern, it is more the surrounding drama and especially the referral to the role as “Forum Dictator”. Rubbish on it’s own wouldn’t amount to much more than a verbal warning under most circumstances, but when “dictator” and “hanged by moderators” are being thrown around, it’s not quite the same situation.


Ships in my opinion are just made for fun. Nothing should be taken seriously. We’re all just trying to create fun and laughs.

If you have any suggestions you’d like to make we are more than glad to hear them but talking and insulting staff members in a rude manner isn’t. If you feel like you are not satisfied with a staff member you can always create a group DM with Kaleb, CIAMouse and Brandon regarding your issue.


I refer to her as “Forum Dictator” as a joke, it’s not meant to be taken as an insult, same for quotes like “Hanged by Moderators”, i say that stuff as a joke because it’s my kind of humor, except i have to keep it alot more tamed here because of the regulations.

But still, you have to agree censoring posts calling the leader “Rubbish” seems a little Fascist in hindsight.