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Okay, somebody has gotta say it. This forums is, compared to all the other forums, terrible. This forums is a Facebook for teens. I mean, cmon, all other server forums have professional gamers that know much about games and are able to make good balancing threads extremely detailed. This forums looks like something the Voltron and teen wolf fandom gave birth to, that is right, I am talking about the annoying shipping. Topics are spammed here about shipping random users with one another, it is annoying and it is continuous. You have to agree, you guys are taking it WAY too far than you should be. How can somebody expect this to be a Minecraft forum? I don’t understand at all.

Another thing that seems to be a big issue is the lack of people that come online. This forums needs to get advertised in game next to the portal, next to the signs, near the spawn point, maybe in chat, SOMEWHERE. I can name all the people that come to this forums on a daily basis. Considering how many people Lifeboat has had over the past few years, it is almost incredible to think how such a little amount of them come to the forums.

Thank you for reading, I hope this can help the forums improve.


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No prob. Sad to hear you don’t like our forum. But only thing is that our forum is a template. We can’t change it much.


I don’t hate this forum, it is fine, I just feel like it needs more improvement. Compared to all the other forums, this one isn’t well.


Yes. Sadly this shipping doesn’t reach the point of spam unless someone is like xJAMES * 10000000000


What? Shipping is incredibly spammed. Everyday I go here I always hear either Blishy or xJames. It is getting annoying, we are moving to a new forum era, the same thing over and over is annoying, and I think everyone here needs to understand that.


No like MAJORLY spammed. Not like two messages a day. Maybe that is because it’s what I do.





The moderation team has noticed the shipping phenomenon here, but as it usually doesn’t constitute a rule break there’s not a whole lot we can do about it. It’s more of a community thing, so it’s not really something the mod team can change by itself. We could outright ban it, but that seems unfair as it’s not technically inappropriate unless it escalates to the degree that the people involved genuinely feel like they’re being harassed or the shipping itself starts including inappropriate themes. It’s also November, which isn’t our peak season (that’s usually the summer months, due to summer vacation for the majority of our playerbase), which might explain the low amount of active members. The advertisement idea might be interesting - are you suggesting something similar to how our Discord server gets advertised?



(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) deal with it


GD is abused


It’s not.

It’s the Lifeboat forums meant mainly for queries and support requests from users.


It doesn’t change much in the summer either. I find it rather odd, as in the summer, the forums feel more less active, as people are on vacation. I would say winter would be peak time.


Also, looks like we got something else to talk about. The drama. Fall Of The Forums


¡¿Qué?! ¿Cómo es esto no es un foro de Minecraft? Técnicamente estás reportando usuarios desde minecraft. ¡Oh, la ironía!


Geez, what a way to get on him! :joy:


That aint drama bro. That’s just our stupidity. Try reading the topic more and you will see.


The only thing I agree with is the shipping part. It is incredibly annoying (my opinion)


U kno who to blame.


we’re gonna blame cubistry right