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Forum Contributions


I thing the forums people should have more chances to contribute to Lifeboat. This may also promote the forums.


I don’t get the part where you say that forum users should get a chance.


Like maybe help out the staff.


Like replying in Support topics?


Like when Jacob wanted more in-game chat messages.


They already help us out by reporting rule-breakers etc.


Think support topics being replyable would be fairer, I don’t see what’s wrong with it, I don’t think people would give people misinformation.


Not what I was asking about.


forum mods handle it efficiently enough


I have multiple support topics that were ignored…


Honestly major stuff should be dealt by mods but with minor stuff let people with accurate information reply


We currently have 6 forum helpers and five (four active) forum moderators, enough to handle the influx of Support topics we get daily. Opening it up to all users may lead to users giving out false information accidentally or user conversations interfering with giving a sufficient response.


Perhaps limit it to regulars. No troll could get regular without being flagged enough. And I happen to see that most of our regulars would be competent to help out.


Perhaps, but Regulars aren’t immune to fighting/drama. At this point we don’t plan on opening up the ability to post in Support.


We allowed everyone to reply to support topics at one point but it didn’t seem to help that much and the answers want very accurate that’s why we decided to restrict it to only forum mods and helpers


I’ve had over a hundred flagged posts.


Wait… what???


Sath used to roast people


I would like to see the whole community contributing, not just forums. Like putting a vote function on what does the community want in-game, etc.


Yeah that’s what I meant. Like chance to contribute in-game.