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Forum bug


The default profile picture isn’t showing.


that is the default picture


It was supposed to be the first letter of your username.


Funny how no volunteer/staff is responding…


I know, i dont also like this, i dont think its a bug, nobody cares about this, they are like awww nah… also idk why would they do this.

But if u want one, here

If you dont like it, search on google.

Also i dont care about this update or whatever cuz look it up on google or something.


It’s a known issue, Discourse changed something and all the default profile pictures went blank on a lot of instances. I’ve looked for fixes on the Discourse meta but since they involve rebuilding the app/container Alex (our forum tech guy) has to do it, and so far when I brought it up I haven’t gotten a reply yet.


Well maybe lifeboat should add a custom profile pic like example:

If im mittu47

It should be Rainbow backround and M in the middle based on ur first username.


Discourse has a setting for default avatars, though I don’t believe it can be customized that far. There’s also a setting that lets you provide several avatars to choose from but that eliminates custom avatars if I remember right.


Update: invisible default profile pictures issue has been fixed, they should be visible now.


What the heck? Did you just replied to yourself? This is new forum bug?



No, it’s always been a thing. Try it.


I have replied to myself,