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Flagged for spam really?


How the heck? Im flagged for spam and really isn’t a spam, ill change my username to shiinajdjekms since i want nobody to know me


It’s not that people don’t want you here, they just want to see quality content from you. Maybe try writing a story or something to share. :woman_shrugging:


Nah id rather have a dumb username cause i allways get flagged cause i always rulebreak


You’re not dumb, I think you just don’t quite know what might be considered spam. Just take each flag as a lesson learned and try to do better on your next post.


Well im still dumb cause i make stupid ways tk get myself suspinded


Well you are entitled to your opinion, but if you put the effort in I’m sure you could do better.


Maybe :disappointed:


The topic that got taken down was a call for us (as in the general community) to attack a user on a platform that Lifeboat can’t control. Not only should you not be asking us to attack someone but it’s not really relevant to us either.