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Fix this now



you can not enter to play lifeboat city through the main lobby, by ip if you can but there are players from xbox or just do not know about the ip


Hello @pukipuki810! I tried to recreate this issue but I was able to join Lifeboat City from the lobby by hitting the statue. What device do you play on? It is possible that it’s only effecting certain devices. Thanks for your help I really appreciate it!


it was probably my connection, but I was worried because I only had 8 people in lbc, and I tried to enter from the lobby, the game told me that it was not possible to connect, and when I put the ip in the menu the game if he let me in


Ah okay! Thanks for clarifying! There have been some connect issues since the update and that’s why the player counts are lower than normal. Hopefully they will have it fixed soon and you will start to see more people online. :blush: