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Finally I'm done


I added 3 new structures for the Hangout world of the Pleb, Llama and Fishy society.

  1. Park - Shipped people are definitely very cute to watch here

  2. Hospital - to sabotage BliZZard and Gotten’s life to cure someonenin sickness

  3. Office - If you’re going to stay in this world, you have to work. You can either work at morning or evening

Tunnel - Starting point of the map.

Whole map:

Ok, if you want to join this world and get your dorm furnished, make sure to make an appointment when are you going to join my world. I’m available during weekdays.

Again, that’s all for today. I’m no longer adding a restaurant (it’s too worky, you can just buy food on the convenience store near the dorm.) nor a school (this ain’t teen life, it’s adulthood).

Yeah, that’s all.


I want to make an appointment


Make sure to add me back as a friend…

When do you wish to come? You can go now, I guess…


It looks amazing
@GTROMERO27 add SprinkledCheese on Xbox


Make sure to add me back as a friend or else the invite won’t be legitimate @sprinkledcheese


Is the invite working?


It says I can’t connect to the world sksks


I guess I still need a better internet connection…

I’ll try using data tomorrow


rip I’ll try another time ;-;


We also have our room already

Room 006


Oo add me too! MasterBroPro.


Add me too!


Make sure to add me back


IGN - xBriqn


When you have no life​:skull::skull::skull::skull::skull: