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Favorite Artists?


What are your favorite artists, people?
I like Queen


obv Eminem


Same here


Good to see a fellow Queen fan. What’s your favorite song? Mine are Don’t Stop Me Now and '39.


Slim Shady.


Imagine Dragons and Green Day.


Eminem, imagine dragons


Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites of Dust, and Bicycle Race.




AJR and Marshmello


Eminem, BlackWay and Black Caviar, Bazanji, Aries, X, Swae Lee and many more.


Some of Post Malone
A little bit of Macklemore
But mainly TØP (twenty one pilots)


i like TØP, P!ATD, Alec Benjamin, cavetown, and Set It Off. I like some eminem but only a few specific songs by him. Honestly I have a very wide taste in music so I like basically everything so those are just some of my favorites except I really dislike the nowadays rap and such.


Imagine Dragons, George Ezra and Taylor Swift lelelelelelel