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FAQ for sm


Back then, I really loved sm since u can save invetorys. But now it’s just not the same, there isn’t a way to save inventorys, no way to save spawn, the just disapear. There really is no point of sm since there is no reward for it, no ranking points, just nothing, may sm pls have gold features such as inventorys saves? A way to claim a base but users can come and raid but claims prevent server resets.

Will there be any feature updates for sm?


Mittu, inventory’s still save and spawns still save. Idk about you- but I play on sm to improve my pvp and hangout with friends. I don’t care about rp personally.
But I think you’re experiencing these technical difficulties because of your third party app.


I’m not, back then, my invertory always saved for me but now, it won’t even save for me when server resets @llbino
If the map is reset, thst event resets my invertory,

I was on sm where when there were plots, my invertory have not reseted. But now, it’s still happening .