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I think you should add factions




If I recall correctly, Factions was changed to Survival Mode a few years back


survival mode isn’t really factions doe




Yes we need factions sooo bad, sm isn’t factions since sm has no claim bases, no tnt, potions and etc. But I hope we don’t get golden apples. But I hope we get potions!


Facts faction’s factions


Absolutely not, I know most players won’t agree with this, but this would just bring more toxic players to the server. Factions also promotes players to start swearing and getting angry at the game because they may get looted or lose all their items.


Factions would be great since no other featured servers with a decent Factions but there can be possible issues with this gamemode like hackers, exploiters, and duplication.


wouldn’t it just be in the factions server doe ? plus xbox players have no other way to play factions


This is a major issue, as well as all the vulgar language that they would be saying… I’ve been on Versai, I know how bad PvP’ers are for their language.


I mean the world won’t be infinite and there will not be enchatment or goldenapples