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Eminem - Venom


Thats all there is to say
Warning: explicit language


I already posted that… Lol.
Also I changed the category and capitalized the name.
You’re welcome.


Eminem is AWESOME


Agreed. Lol.


I hate you
not really
nvm i love you
no homo


Lol. You should be thanking me for making your job easy.




I made job easier. Lol.
Just consider it as I did it for you.


Your just arrogant cuz you have regular and i dont for some reason


Since when did it become about the tag?..


Iam joking dude


Oi, why are you people changing the subject name HUH?? IAM LOOKING AT YOU @Penguin


I didn’t change it, a Regular did. I did change the title back to the original one though. If you see a title unnecessarily or improperly changed by a Regular, feel free to contact one of the forum mods.


Iam confusion, you changed it, iam not mad i was just joking