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Elytra added to CTF


Make every game have a 5 minute period at the start of the game where no one can go for the flag and start defence.


He’s already adding that remember?

I agree, although the angel takes so long to kill with a stone sword, so it’s all about who lands the last hit. I think the angel would also make for PvP because people would fight each other and knock each other off the platform.


Finally, an update that won’t make the player counts worse! Jk the update looks great btw




Every time the angel spawns, maybe have some wood around this.


Yup. I agree with your idea. I’m one of the the complaints.


Umm maybe now please JK your a dev you can do what you want, i bet you can make the blue team freeze and let the red win.


It would be nice if you could take a look at the spawn borders on ctf. Specifically on Outpost, they’re a bit messed up. It’s easily exploitable, and people with the flag can just jump into the enemy spawn zone and be teleported back to the front, making it too easy to get flags. Thank you if you do fix this


You almost sweared. Lol.


rip @TheAngelPokemon


Sorry I didnt even realize I and those words in @xCattyy I honestly don’t know how I think it might have been a typo


OMG, haven’t played in a while! Going to have so much fun with this! :grin:


Nothing to be excited much for this: you die from fall damage easily while using the elytra.


clearly you dont know how to use it


the teleport glitch has always been a problem. Please remove the bedrock under the teleport spot. That way we can make them fall when they use the glitch to cheat. Also why is the teleport glitch different on blue versus red it should be exactly the same spot every place. for example on Thomas you can build a Teleport trap on the blue side, but on the red side it’s in the no build zone so you can’t build a trap

could we have some pre-built wooden walls in front of the spawn rooms to make it harder for people to get in because people can speed Bridge so fast and get over there that you can’t build a wall fast enough to stop them

Chernobyl is an awesome map I love it it’s easy to defend it with proper wall.

can you do something on the Davy map to prevent them from going out the back it’s very hard to defend when that map is so wide and so large


Also, as a programmer myself (30+ years) I can tell you that the anti hack code causes problem and doesn’t really stop hackers. We still have people flying and jumping and health bost, kill auro so much more. AND… the amount of time to execute this anti hack code does cause lag on slower devices. Regular users get kicked falsely all day every day


I hate Zeus Redux moore than Cherynobyl


I think 1 minute is enough


I agree.


Well I take what I said back this feature adds nothing. Barely anyone even goes for it and you still take all the fall damage when you glide even if you slow down. Miss me