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Elytra added to CTF


Elytra added to CTF


I saw many requests about the Elytra item to be added to CTF, so I did it.
I didn’t just add it inside of a chest or anything like that though.

Every 3 minutes (and at the beginning of a match), an “Angel” spawns in the middle of the map. If you kill that Angel, you receive an Elytra.
That means, there is only one Elytra every 3 minutes, and every player can get it by killing the Angel.

If you kill the Angel and you don’t have any space in your inventory left, it will drop on the ground.

(This is only on CTF13, soon on all servers.)

Here are some screenshots:

I hope you like this feature and it will make the game more fun.
Please also post feedback under this thread.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

Another suggestion of mine added?!

Very nice feature! Makes the game interesting


Very Awesome feature, Hope to play CtF in the future :sunglasses:


This…this was sort of my suggestion


Finally a CTF Update!!


I feel like it will make games shorter because people could just fly to the flag base, snatch the flag and be out of there.

It will make it interesting as well, might check it out later.


Lifeboat: What do our users want? More maps?
Us: 30v30 ctf
Lifeboat: An elytra every three minutes?
Us: 30v30 ctf
Lifeboat: I guess we’ll never know, they’re not speaking up!
Us: 30v30 CTF!


I’m not trying to be rude… But who really cares whose suggestion this was? There were multiple suggestions about Elytras finally being added.


We’ll see. Maybe I’ll add some restrictions after a bit of testing!


Hey, Elytra is quite useless. Because we are dying when we land.


Could you add some better changes for CTF. That could be useful.


No, stop, don’t bring up 30v30


But mine was the most similar to the final product…
Anyway release the BW update to all server’s already plz
It’s too awesome to only be only on bw13




There are a few bugs we have to fix first.


What bugs? I saw no bugs other than chunk loading issues.


More maps?
Or only 1 map which is original.


A lot of people still like the other maps, except Chernobyl, no one likes Chernobyl. So Original shouldn’t be the only map, but Chernobyl will most likely get deleted soon. idk


But many people have some annoying issues about the other maps. And we just want a plat surface and it’s only directed to the original. We can defend better. And i know there are some maps with the same platform. Which is the thomas outpost. But it seems like so hard to get into the flag especially for the new players, We’re glitching into the front of their base during trying to get into the flag. And they should remove the spawn glitch in the original. It’s quite unfair for us.


Very nice