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Diamond swords in Lifeboat City


Now a big question I’ve seen people ask in this server is “HOW DO I GET DIAMOND SWORDS??!?!?!”. Ha well calm down it’s simple. Simply go to the police station and go to the second floor to the armoury. If there are no swords change server with /transfer lbc( number of choice) and you will be transported to the same room on another server. Now if the server has reset you will have your self a nice set of swords. Be careful they despawn at the school. Now the best way to see if anyone has taken them is to look in the active players screen when the game is paused. If there are no people on the server then there are most likely swords for your taking. Just thought this would be helpful thank you for listening.


Quit abusing my kind


But your kind has been abused for the past 10 years already…


what’s the point of the swords?




I just realized that its probably for the zombie mode that was added


shhh it was meant to be a secret sksks


Why wouldnt you want people to know? Theres a good reason to have one