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Developers ra- AHEM i mean feedback


too bad lifeboat doesn’t have the resources to hire more devs.


SM Pro was the biggest asset to Lifeboat at one point, but the failure to fix some very nasty issues were neglected… For a long time. Lots of players left SM Pro as a result, and it was so obvious that players were upset and leaving. Side note: RIP their wallets

I don’t know anything that happened past that point other than it going to be shut down on the 28th, and that’s probably due to the result of incredibly low player counts. That is at least from when I was last on…

In no way is this post meant as hate or anything towards the devs or Lifeboat as a whole, but rather to kind of express one of my gripes around the time I left the team.


I got alot feedback from developers before


Interesting that out of every number that exists

you choose the number 69 lol


Bruh theres vips on all lbsg servers I go, I bet they make more sales than the other featured servers.
The owner is too cheap to invest and hire devs. They depend on volunteers most of da time


I just assumed that it’s because they don’t have money but oh well then. Guess you can’t expect much when a guy who probably doesn’t play Minecraft owns a Minecraft server.


this post is now invalid